• An average of 20-22 Veterans commit suicide each day
  • Suicide occurs within and after service
  • Veterans are more likely to commit suicide than civilians.
  • Approx. 1/4th of the suicides between 2009-2012 were of the rank E-3 or below who completed less than two years of service. Of those, over 70% had never seen war.
  • There is a disturbing correlation between young recruits and suicide.
  • Those who threaten suicide, seek help for suicidal thoughts, or are interdicted by phone calls, texts, emails, or personal contact are dramatically less likely to commit suicide. Reach out to those who served with you and maintain those relationships!
  • 44% of all male suicides were aged 50 and older.
  • By far the greatest numbers of veterans who commit suicide are 65 or older
  • Only about 19% of veterans were under 45 years of age when they killed themselves, however as history repeats itself, the OIF/OEF veterans will need our help more than ever in the decades to come


Guidelines to reporting:

  1. Call 911 if the person is threatening/or attempting to inflict self harm or harm to others
  2. File a report here
  3. Help locate family members, Veterans, and LEO based off your assessment
  4. Keep SPIN operations updated with any additional information you may get or receive

*We are not licensed medical professionals and do not provide mental health services. Everyone we encounter we do our best to prevent suicide and provide follow on care, mentorship, job placement, etc through a variety of partners we have teamed up with (some can be found under resources).*