Mission Statement

Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network (SPIN) is Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network (SPIN) for Veterans Past and Present.  It is centered on reconnecting and providing a support net within our Veteran Community.

22 Veterans commit suicide a day.  90% of those suicides are due to NO SUPPORT.  They had no one around to see the red flags or the signs of something brewing in the back of their mind.  Not one person interdicted, which when contact was made, suicide rates significantly declined.

As Veterans it is our Duty and Responsibility to police up our own, and let them know that no matter the struggle, they have a Veteran Buddy.  This website is designed to keep our shot group tight, and prevent one of our fellow Veterans from being any of the 22 suicides a day.

It is an open Forum to discuss issues you may have, and help get support to our Veterans should they need it.  It allows us to identify the problems and find a Veteran close by to help get him back on track.  We are the first voice they should hear.  To hear a Veteran Buddy's voice on your worst day dramatically changes the outcome of a potentially dangerous and lethal situation.

We are our Brothers, Keeper.  We are the 1% of the 1% of the 1%.  We are a small group of America’s elite fighting force, that even though we have hung up our uniforms, we still have not forgotten our oaths, creeds, and values.  When a Veteran is in need, we move further, faster, and fight harder than anyone to get our soldiers what they need.  Surrender is not a Veteran word, and we will not leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy.

We are soldiers that throughout our careers, checked on our soldiers nearly every single second of the day and had their backs no matter the situation.  Unity will restore this.  Check on your Veteran Buddy's! Reconnect! Make a phone call!  Alone or with many, we will fight to defend things sacred and profane, we will hand down our country not lessened but greater than we received it.



Suicide Prevention and Interdiction Network Flyer

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